The purpose of these meetings is to come experience the healing power of God. 


at Cornerstone Word of Life Church

If Anne Durant had one desire for you, it would be that you "get it".  That you "get" God's Word and that it makes enough sense to you in your everyday life to use it!

With tremendous insight, Annie combines an accurate use of the Word along with humor-filled everyday examples that make the principles of faith easy to understand and put into practice.  Her smile is infectious; she'll make you laugh while God opens your heart and does His work. 

And God is faithful; validating the Message with indisputable evidence* as His healing presence changes bodies and transforms lives before your eyes.  







Testimonies from CWOL

After Anne Durant laid hands on me last night the next day my near vision, which has been blurry for two years, got clearer while I was reading small prints. Today, I would also like to add that I got healed from food allergies that night. The next day I ate the foods that I could not eat before, like eggs, without getting an asthma attack. I got healed from food allergies on the spot, that Friday night. All glory belongs to God! — Ellen Bader

During the morning service, I had some severe pain in my ankles, and as we were being ministered to it gradually went away. And by the time service was over, I was ready to jump up and down. — Tony Edmondson

I had two bulging discs and one hernia disc in my neck it was constant pain for several years, and recently they had started to grind together. And she touched my neck and I just started doing something I couldn’t do before. And it popped and there was no pain. No pain. — Kari Eso

I was in a car accident in November 2016. And as a result, I had torn the ligament from my bicep to my shoulder, and my rotator cuff. And I had some pinched nerves in the left side of my neck. I also teach fitness classes, and it was really difficult because it was always hurting. So when I went up there, she held my hand for a while. And when she finally looked at me, it just felt like hot oil had just run down my body, and I just started crying. And I had not been able to do any type of circular motion, to reach up and down, but then it was just instantaneous healing. — Crystal Dixon


I hurt my back and my neck about 26 years ago. Rev. Anne Durant laid hands on me. I wiggled my head and no change. But by the time I got home I was healed. I haven’t taken any pain medicine or anti-inflammatories or anything else since. — Johnny Jones


Ten years in the service kind of messed my back up a little bit. And she laid hands on me and I felt my spine move. Everything got warm and it didn’t hurt anymore. — Dion Hinze


I’ve had floaters in both of my eyes for about 28 years. In my left eye, as soon as she held my hands, it went away immediately. My right eye is also getting better. — Willa Patton

While Willa was being prayed for, I was sitting down and I stretched out my arm, and my faith for her was there for those floaters, and I wasn’t even thinking about my own, and I looked up and they were gone. And I’ve seen nothing since. — Nathanael Banta

I had moderate back pain, and I was healed of that. — Lee Henderson