Speak the Word

Last week we looked at what happened when the Children of Israel saw themselves as grasshoppers instead of the conquerors that God called them to be. He had given them the land. If you study when Joshua sent in the two spies, you will see that Rahab told them that, “We were afraid of you and your God.” She said, “We had heard what He did for you, how He divided the sea and destroyed those armies.” In other words, “We were here waiting for you to take our land, but you never came. We saw you walking in that circle for forty years and wondered what was up with you all.” The enemy even knew that God had given them the land, but notice the enemy didn’t move until the children of Israel came and took what God had given them.

You can see that how and what you think of yourself will determine what you are able to receive from the Lord. Unfortunately, so many believers have what the Bible calls strongholds in their minds. In other words they have a pattern of thinking about themselves that keeps them from receiving what God has promised them. The only way to remove a pattern of thinking is to renew your mind with the Word of God and remove the stronghold. You and I must take every thought captive and bring it into obedience to the Word of God. How do you do that? When you have a wrong thought, you must open your mouth and speak. When you open your mouth and speak the Word of God, it causes your brain to let go of unhealthy thoughts. When a thought comes and tells you, “You can’t do that,” you open your mouth and say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” When a thought comes that says, “No one even likes you; you are all alone,” you must open your mouth and say, “I am part of the beloved, I am part of the Body of Christ, and I am the apple of God’s eye.” It is like this: when you have a thought like a black dog, you can see a picture or imagine a black dog; but if you open your mouth and say there is a white cat, you quit thinking about the black dog. To change any, and all thoughts, that oppose God, you and I must speak the Word of God!

Your mind must go through a dramatic change after you get born again. Your spirit man is saved and is perfect, but your soul, your mind, will and emotions, need a lot of work. They must be brought into subjection to the Word of God. The Bible teaches us in Romans 12:2 that we must be transformed by renewing of our mind. The word “transformed” is where we get the term metamorphosis. That is when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and a tadpole becomes a frog. They become something totally different. That is what has to happen to our minds. They must become something totally different so we can receive all that the Lord has for us. It took Joshua and Caleb and entire generation to change their minds. You and I do not need to wait that long. Begin doing it today!

Pastor Mark Garver