Guard Your Heart

We have been looking at the importance of the Word of God.   We saw that it is powerful and never returns void, but always accomplishes what it is sent to do. Jesus is the Word and He has overcome; so, the Word of God never fails and always overcomes and always causes those who love it and do it to overcome as well. How do we make that happen? The Word of God is in seed form. The Word of God must be planted in someone for it to grow and produce. Before you can do the Word of God, you must put it in your heart. We are going to look at putting the Word of God in your heart so you can be a doer of that Word and always overcome in every situation.

One of the greatest parables Jesus ever told was the parable of the Sower. He said the Word of God is seed and the heart of man is where the seed must be sown. So, as someone hears the Word of God the seed has an opportunity to go into their heart. How important is this? Proverbs 4:20-27 tells us very strongly that out of our heart, or soil, flow the issues of our life. Everyone is always trying to fix stuff on the outside when inside is where the real problems lie. Everything is after your soil, if the Word of God is trying to get into your heart, the devil is also trying to put things into your heart. You and I must know what is in our heart one of the easiest ways to know what is in someone’s heart is by what comes out of their mouth. In Luke 6:43-45 the Word says that out of the abundance of someone’s heart their mouth speaks. A lot of times when the pressure of life comes, what is really in our hearts pops right up out of our hearts and comes out of our mouth. Therefore, we must watch what goes into our hearts.

Our heart is the garden that produces the things we experience in our lives. The Word of God when it uses the word “heart” in the New Testament, is “kardia” and is referring to the middle of man. What happens in the kardia of man? So many things go on there. Let me give you a list of them. It is the seat of one’s moral nature, desires, affections, perceptions, thoughts, understanding, reasoning powers, conscience, intentions, purpose, will and faith. That is what goes on in the middle of you. That is why God is after that part of you, but also realize that is why the devil is after that part of you too.

Why is it so important and what must you and I do so that our “kardia” is ready for the Word of God? The Bible teaches many different things about what we are supposed to do with the hidden man of the heart. We are not supposed to harden it (Hebrews 3:15 & 4:7). We are told when it gets hard to break up the fallow ground (Hosea 10:12), we must break it up so it is ready for the seed of God’s Word.   James 4:8 tells us to purify our heart. I John 3:20 says don’t let your heart condemn you. James 1:26 says don’t let your heart be deceived.   You can see that the work of keeping our heart ready to receive the Word of God is up to us. It is so important that the Word of God has good soil to grow. Let’s work on our kardia and get it ready for God’s Word so the Word can have its perfect work in us and we will stand when the storms of life come our way.

Pastor Mark Garver