Generation to Generation

One generation passes away and another one comes doesn’t sound like much revelation from Eccl. 1:4; but when you realize God deals with generations, as well as individuals, you will realize that it is very important.


Biblically, a generation is forty years, but now people are labeling the generations. It is very helpful to reach into each generation if we know something about the generation. The baby boomers are different than the millennials and the millennials are different than generation z (also known as the centennials). The Lord has always talked in generations. He said about those that came out of Egypt that He was grieved with that generation (Hebrews 3:10). In Psalms 112:2 He called them the generation of the upright. You can see God looks at the generations and has something to say about them.


One thing I know is He wants us to reach into every generation. King David said God was with him in his youth and now he was old and grey-headed, a hard thing to admit, but that he was going to show God’s strength and power to the next generation (Psalms 71:18). Psalms 145:4 says to praise God’s works from one generation to another. How are we going to do that? I think it begins at the parenting level. The Word of God is clear to parents to teach our own children. Don’t leave that responsibility up to anyone, even a good church. Parents, when you teach your children, they will then be able to affect their own generation. It is amazing to me how fast a family, a community, or even a country can lose their Biblical roots. They can forget where they came from and how they got there.


Joshua’s generation carried on from the generation that came up out of Egypt with silver and gold and not any sick or feeble among them. Those who came out of bondage after they had called on a deliverer where God did so many miracles on their behalf couldn’t enter into their destiny. They quickly forgot who they were serving because of their mind set. Joshua and Caleb had to train the next generation to receive all that God had for them and they did. They were able to go and receive all that God had promised. They got the land! They were blessed! It is so interesting though, when you read this scripture in Judges 2:10, “And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the Lord, nor yet the works which He had done for Israel.” Would you believe this is the next generation right after Joshua? How can this be? The generation before Joshua didn’t believe God and it cost them all. Joshua and Caleb had to train the next generation and they did it well, but what in the world happened? They didn’t make sure the next generation knew God. It is as easy as that! We must tell the next generation.


Won’t you help us tell the generations that are here now? The baby boomers must know. The millennials must know. The centennials must know. From one generation to another it is our responsibility to reach our own generations and the ones that come after us.

Pastor Mark Garver