Atmosphere for Miracles

We need to create an atmosphere for the miraculous. God wants to divinely intervene in the affairs of our life. We need to cooperate. One of the elements that it seems to me that God needs for an atmosphere for the miraculous is the anointing. What is the anointing? To anoint means to smear on. The anointing of God is the smeared on presence of God. Jesus was anointed. Acts 10:38, “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.” Jesus even proclaimed that He was anointed. In Luke 4:18, He said, “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me.” Thank God for the anointing on Jesus’ life. That anointing caused people to want to touch Him; because when they touched Him with their faith, power went out of Him and healed them. That’s exactly what happened to the woman with the issue of blood and countless others that say the multitudes touched Him and were healed. Thank God for the anointing on Jesus but what about today?


The Holy Spirit is the anointing and Jesus said that when He went away, the comforter would come (John 16:7). The Holy Spirit has come and the anointing is still available. As a matter of fact, every born-again Christian is anointed. I John 2:27 talks about the anointing in you and II Corinthians 1:21 says that God has anointed us. You are anointed inside and outside, especially if you are filled with the Holy Spirit like they were on the Day of Pentecost. You are anointed. What are you anointed for?


You are anointed to do the same thing the anointing has always done. You are anointed to destroy yokes of bondage. You are anointed to minister to the brokenhearted. You are anointed to set the captives free. You are anointed to preach Jubilee. You are anointed to do the same things Jesus was anointed to do in Luke 4:18-19. Let us believe in the anointing of God that it is not only for us to help us, but that it is on us and in us to help others. If you and I believe in the anointing, it will set the atmosphere for God to do the miraculous.

Pastor Mark Garver