Pray the Word of God

The prayers of a righteous man make tremendous power available especially when that righteous one knows how to use the Word of God when they pray. James 5:16 tells us about tet righteous man, and in the first part of that verse it says that we should pray for one another. The great thing about being born again is we are all part of the body of Christ and the body parts need one another to function; so, we should care for and pray for one another.


Praying for one another can be as dramatic as saving someone from early death or just adding your supply of the Spirit so someone can walk in the will of God for their life. In Acts 12 we see the church praying for Peter while he is in prison. James was already killed and there was no prayer offered for him; but because the church prayed for Peter, the Lord was able to deliver him out of the situation. Some people think, “Well, it must have been God’s will for James to die and not for Peter,” but that is not the case. God was able to intervene on Peter’s behalf because the righteous prayed and power was made available for his deliverance. How do we pray? One of the most effective ways is to pray the Word of God over someone.


There are many inspired prayers in the epistles we can use to pray over someone. One of them can be found in Phil. 1:9-11. Take that prayer and put the person’s name you are praying for in that Holy Ghost inspired prayer. One thing it says is the person would sense what is vital and of real value in life. Another thing it says is the person would not stumble or cause anyone else to stumble as we all approach the day of Christ. It is so powerful to pray the Word over yourself and also for other people. When you pray the Word over them, you are particularly making that Word available to them which is the power to change their lives. Let’s pray the Word of God!

Pastor Mark Garver