God Will Raise Up Your Dream Again

Sometimes in life it looks like our dreams have died. There are various reasons why people have given up on their dreams. It could be because of the amount of time that has gone by, or the mistakes we or others around us have made. But this I know. The Lord wants to resurrect our dreams even if they seem dead.


The Lord has proven over and over again He knows how to resurrect things. In Ezekiel 37, by the wind of the Holy Ghost, an entire army was resurrected.   From dry bones to a mighty army, God raises dead things. The Shunammite woman who God gave a son (her dream) because she took care of the prophet Elisha, died; but God used Elisha to raise him up. Lazarus died and was dead by our standards a very long time. We would think it too late even for the Lord; but with a command of faith, “Lazarus come forth”, God raised Lazarus from the dead. God raises dead things! The father (Abraham) and mother (Sarah) of our faith were unable to produce a child because their bodies were very old. The Word called Sarah’s womb dead. Abraham and Sarah called those things that be not as though they were, and God raised a dead thing (her womb) as Sarah counted God faithful to His Word.


What am I saying to you? It is never too late for a resurrection. The Word of the Lord said to “Prophesy to the dead bones (dead dream).” The prophet didn’t know if the bones could ever live again, but the wind of God came and they were raised. If you had a dream, but it slipped away and now looks dead, be like the woman who got her son back. All the woman would say is, “It is well”. Her dream lived again and so will yours. Even if it looks like it is too late or even if your dream has been dead a long time (by now he stinks which is what Lazarus’ sisters said), God can raise it up again. I am telling you that it is never too late. Command your dream to come forth just like the Lord commanded Lazarus to come back from the dead. You must remember what is impossible with men is possible with God. There was no way Sarah could conceive and bear a son which was Sarah’s dream. However, God is only limited by our faith in Him. You can begin to call your dream like God calls it. The dreams God gave you are coming to pass; it is your due season.

Pastor Mark Garver