Success God's Way

One of the greatest oppositions for God being able to make us a success is the fact that we all try to do it in our own strength. One of the greatest examples is when Abraham and Sarah tried to help God out with the promise of an heir. They were facing the enemy of time and they decided to take things into their own hands and strength and you know what happened. Ishmael was created. He was not the will of God and really he and his descendants are still a problem to Isaac’s descendants to this day. However, God never gave up on the original plan; and although God had to convince Abraham and Sarah He could still do it, they had to buy into a great faith journey that is recorded for us and even emphasized in Romans, Chapter 4.


There are others, such as Moses, who tried to do things in his own strength and his own time. Moses was always called to save the children of Israel out of the bondage in Egypt. He tried to do it in his way, but it didn’t work; and neither the children of Israel nor God accepted it. It cost Moses. He had to flee Egypt in fear of his life and go to the backside of the desert for 40 years. God did call him, and after his burning bush experience, God used him to do what he was called to do. Moses was used by God to deliver the children of Israel out of bondage.


Paul is another example of someone trying to do something in his own strength. Paul really thought he was serving God as he had Christians beaten, thrown in jail and even killed. The Bible says he did it ignorantly and in unbelief. He was acting on His desire to serve God and make sure the truth was observed. He was mistaken. He was going in the wrong direction so the Lord, in His mercy, interrupted him and appeared to him. In a great conversion, a man named Saul became Paul, and he began immediately to preach and teach the truth. Paul was used of God to record what you and I know and read as the Word of God. We call them the Pauline Epistles. They come from a man who at one time tried to fulfill a desire to keep the Jewish law; the Word. Thankfully his ignorance was turned to revelation, and he did what he was called to do from his mother’s womb.


Peter also tried to do things in his own strength. He meant well as Jesus warned him that he would deny him three times before the rooster crowed. He told Jesus, with great confidence, everyone else might deny him, but he never would. Pride goes before a fall. Peter fell with a great thud as he heard that rooster crow after he had just denied Jesus for a third time. Peter felt horrible. He had let the Lord down. It was still haunting him as he decided to go back to his fishing business. But thank God the Lord appeared and set Peter free with the three “Do you love me?” questions. Peter then was in the position to preach on the day of Pentecost and the rest is history!


No matter what you have done to mess up, God in His love and mercy is ready to get you back on the road to the plan He has for you. Follow these examples and the same wonderful things that happened for all of them will happen to all of us.

Pastor Mark Garver