Know the Will of God

In order to really exercise your authority or dominion in any situation, there is something that must be clear: the will of God. I think so many people have been taught incorrectly about the will of God. First, most people believe that everything that happens was allowed by God. It is true that God is Sovereign, but that doesn’t mean He takes away our wills as human beings, something He clearly gave us. So, we must know that the will of God is not always done on the earth. For instance, it is the will of God that everyone be born again, but they are not. It was not his will for Adam to fall, but he did. Knowing this gives us the ability to use our authority and know what to use our authority on. We use our dominion to oppose anything that is not the will of God, or we could say all the works of the devil. Every good thing comes from the Father and every bad thing comes from the devil. Everything that is life comes from the Lord and everything that brings death comes from the enemy. We must know what to receive and what to resist.

Part of using our dominion correctly is choosing correctly. So many things in our life are left up to us. I often say your life is the sum total of all the decisions you have made to this point. Now, I am grateful that God has delivered us all out of bad decisions in the past; but really, walking in our dominion in life is at its highest when we are making decisions by the Word and leadings of the Holy Ghost. Deuteronomy 30:19-20 talks to us about how God set before us blessing and cursing and life and death, and then He told us to choose. He even told us what we should choose. He said to choose life. But that also means that you can choose death, and the Lord has nothing to do with it and the devil didn’t even really do it. You and I do it by our choices. The Bible says Moses chose to suffer for a season rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin (Hebrews 11:25).   It was Moses’ choice not God’s choice. I don’t believe a lot of people think it through when they believe it is all up to God and it has nothing to do with them. When they believe that they don’t need to learn to take dominion or authority, then they never resist because they just believe whatever will be will be.

Now that we understand these things, it makes more sense to use our authority. It makes more sense for us to talk to things like Jesus taught us and demonstrated before us. He told us to talk to mountains (obstacles). He himself talked to fig trees, storms, and dead bodies. The Bible talked about how Jesus answered the fig tree. The fig tree was saying something. It was saying, “I didn’t feel like making fruit, too bad so sad, no fruit for you.” Jesus answered it back and said, “No man shall eat fruit from you ever again.” That was the end of that tree. Jesus used his authority. You and I have been given authority and now it is time to use it. Talk to your mountain. Command it to move in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Mark Garver