Helping Others to Receive

We never want to keep the blessings of God to ourselves. We should always look for someone to help. The Word tells us that we have freely received and now we need to freely give the revelation away. We need to use what we have received to help others. There are so many people who need help in receiving their healing. How can we, who believe and have received this revelation, help others receive their healing? There are many ways.

First, we can pray for them. The Bible says in James 5:16 that the prayers of the righteous, that’s you, makes tremendous power available. We can also pray according to Ephesians 1:18 that the eyes of their understanding would be enlightened. Another good one is Colossians 1:9-12 which says we prayed that they would be filled with the knowledge of His will, that they would get wisdom and spiritual understanding, that they would increase in the knowledge of God, and that they would know that they are able to partake of their inheritance. I also think it could be as simple as praying over meals with people. In Exodus 23:25, which is the scripture I always pray over our meals, says that God will bless our bread and water and take sickness from our midst and the number of our days we will fulfill.

Something else you can do to help someone get their healing is to agree with them in prayer. Matthew 18:19 tells us when two of us agree, touch something together in unity, it shall come to pass. “It shall come to pass” means it is always going to happen. We must get them in agreement. We must show them what the scripture says about Jesus being the Healer. As you pray with them, you are there to help them if they’re ready to give up or they don’t see it as fast as they want to see it. You are there with them to remind them of your agreement. It is not a prayer you pray and then you walk off and never check in with that person. No, an agreement is binding and you walk them through until the desired result is seen.

Another thing you can do is lay hands on someone. The Bible teaches us to lay hands on the sick and they will recover. God wants to use every believer to do this. You’re the believer. You lay your hands on them and then let God be the Healer. There are so many ways you can share your revelation of healing. You walk in it and you give it away and many people will walk in divine healing.

Pastor Mark Garver