Faith Requires Corresponding Actions

Just because something can be something doesn’t mean it automatically becomes that. Take water for instance. It can become ice for drinks, but it will not be able to unless someone puts it in a freezer and lets the cold temperature do its job. Water can also be used to make tea or coffee but someone has to heat the water to a proper temperature. What am I saying? Water is the raw material that has desired uses, but someone has to do something to get it ready. The Bible says that faith is the raw material of what we hope for and the evidence of what is not seen. I want to remind you of an important element of your faith: corresponding actions. It is you doing what is in your heart that releases the power of God.

The man who was crippled that Paul was ministering to in Acts 14 heard Paul preach. I would think Paul was preaching Jesus was the Healer and Jesus was alive and still healing. Then Paul perceived, or knew in his heart, that this man had believed what he had just heard, so Paul needed the man to respond. He told him to stand up, but the man couldn’t stand in his own power. He was crippled. But the man believed, or had faith, that what Paul said was true so he acted on what he heard, or what he believed, and then the man leaped and walked. The first step is obvious. We must hear something. The woman with the issue of blood heard something. The Centurion heard something. Because they both heard something, faith came and then they acted on what they heard because they believed it.

The Bible says very clearly in James 2:26 that faith without corresponding actions is dead. When we look in Hebrews 11, we see the accounts of how these men and women of faith responded and received the promise. Noah was moved. He built an Ark. Abraham sojourned. He left a known place and went to an unknown place because he believed God. Moses’ parents hid Moses so his life could be spared. After they did their part, God supernaturally intervened. Moses forsook Egypt. He turned away from all his rights and privileges so God could use him to deliver Israel. Moses also kept Passover. Can you see all the action verbs that each account has with it? Joshua shouted and the walls fell down. Rahab, the harlot, received the spies, gathered her family, and let down a scarlet thread; all of these actions she did because she believed something about God, and she believed what the spies said.

Pastor Mark Garver