Know the Love of God

Everyone needs to have a lovolution! What is a lovolution you ask? It is a revolution of the love of God. In order to have a lovolution, we need to understand the love of God so we can receive His love and share His love with others. So, let’s begin by talking about what kind of love God has.

It is a love that was given to mankind before he deserved it. The Bible says that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). He sent his love to us while we were sinners. He loved us while we were living in our sins. We were not thinking about Him, but we were always on His mind. He loved us with a great love even when we were dead in our sins (Ephesians 2:4-5). God loved us first; that is the God kind of love.

When I think about the love of the Father for us, I am always so taken by the account of the prodigal son that Jesus told us about in Luke 15. There are some things in this account that when you meditate on them, you will experience the love of the Father all over again. When you think about His great love for us and how He longs to be with us, it will overwhelm your heart. It seems to me, the Father was always looking for his wayward son to come home. Although the son got his inheritance and spent it all on what I like to call wine, woman and song, the Father was still looking for him every day. When the son came home, the Father didn’t scold him or belittle him. The Word says the Father had compassion on him. There was great rejoicing; there was a party. The son was restored. The son came back willing to be a servant, but the Father said, “No way; you are my son.” They put a robe on him. Put shoes on his feet and put a signet ring on his finger. Full restoration; that is a loving Father! God’s love is unconditional; that is the God kind of love.

When God loves He gives his best. How do I know that? You know it too. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. God gave us His best He gave us Jesus! Jesus taking our place on the cross proved this God kind of love. This kind of love lays down its life (John 15:13 and Romans 5:6-7). Because of His love towards us, He gave His blood so that we could become the children of God. God’s love gives its very best, that is the God kind of love.

When you and I encounter this love, it will change our life. Remember how much the Father loves you and share this love with everyone you know. His love is in you (Romans 5:5) and you can show this same kind of love to everyone you meet.

Pastor Mark Garver