Stony Soil

We saw last time that the “Wayside” soil is a soil where people hear the Word of God and the devil comes immediately and steals the Word.  We have to pray for those people that the blinders come off their eyes.  We can also get them around where the Holy Ghost rain is pouring out and it will loosen up the soil of their heart.  

The next kind of soil is “Stony” soil.  This is a soil where there really isn’t much soil because it is full of things that Jesus called stones.  There is some soil for the seed to go into but because there is no room for roots to form, the seed comes up immediately and does not remain.  It is most interesting that with a natural seed, the first thing the seed tries to do is form roots and that is because the roots are what keeps the plant alive.  That tells me that the first thing the Word of God should do in our lives is give us roots so that our life can be supplied from the Word of God. 

The Lord revealed something interesting to me.  He said that all but the first kind of soil (wayside) look the same on the outside.  In other words, while I am teaching others the Word of God, I would not be able to distinguish between the last three kinds of soil.  They all appear to receive the Word of God with gladness.  They all probably even say, “Amen”.  But the person who has shallow soil because of the stones in their heart loses what they have received because the devil can easily offend them. 

Jesus talks about four things the Word thief sends.  They are affliction, persecution, tribulation, and temptation. Every born-again believer deals with those four things so it is not if they come, it is, “Do you have the right soil type for when they do come?”  I Peter 5:9 says that the same affliction happened in the brethren.  Thessalonians says they received the Word of God in much affliction (I Thessalonians 1:6).  My point is that when the affliction comes, if you do not have stony soil, the seed will produce.  It is the soil and not the affliction that keeps the Word of God from producing.  Persecution also comes to everyone as it says in II Timothy 3:12 “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”  Again, it is not the persecution but the soil type that causes the Word of God not to produce.  Tribulation, which is suffering distress, grievous trouble or adversity, also comes to all believers.  Jesus even said so in John 16:33 “…in the world you shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”  The last one is temptation.  A temptation is a desire to do something wrong.  It is a trial being put to a test.  We know according to James 1:12-15 that the devil brings temptations to all of our flesh and the Word tells in I Corinthians 10:13 that God has made a way to escape every temptation. 

What must we do to help people with stony soil?  We need to help them be doers of the Word.  They must make Jesus the Lord of their lives.  They need someone to help them like a mentor.  Doing some of these things will get and keep the stones out.