God’s Word to be Planted and Watered

We have looked at the seed of the Word of God.  We discovered it never fails.  In other words, there is nothing ever wrong with God’s Word if there is a failure it doesn’t come from the seed.  We looked at the four types of soil.  We saw that this is where everything really happens.  It is a person’s own heart or soil that determines what they consistently receive from God.  We must learn what makes each soil type the way it is and what must a person change to become good soil, and then work to stay that way.  We also looked at the gates to our soil.  We saw there are three gates: the eye gate, the ear gate and the mouth gate.  These gates let in either the Word of God or other types of seeds.  We must learn to guard our gates.  The last thing I want to look at as we study this is the way the seed produces the fruit of the Word of God and what is our part.

The Word of God grows in your heart.  We saw from study that the first thing a seed does is try to grow roots.  When your life is built on the Word of God, you have a root system.  Then we start seeing it in our lives: first the blade, then the ear and after that the full corn on the ear.  Then we get to have the harvest.  The Word of God comes in seed form but it is always able to produce in your life the promise.  You have to put God’s Word in your soil and allow it to grow into a harvest.  The Word never returns void.  The Bible says in Acts 19:20 ‘So mightily grew the Word and prevailed.”  The Word always works, but just like a corn seed there is a process.  One of the keys to the Word of God working in our lives is found in I Thessalonians 2:13 and that is that we receive the Word of God as it is from God Himself and not the word of men.

There are other things we must do to ensure a harvest of the Word of God we plant in our hearts.  In I Corinthians 3:6 we see the term “watered.”  That makes good sense.  In the natural, a seed could never grow without water.  So, that tells me that one time is not enough to hear something or meditate on something.  When I receive it the first time, it is a planting of that seed and after that I am watering that seed.  We must keep the seed of God’s Word watered in our heart for the seed and soil’s sake.  We also know from studying the scriptures that for anything in God’s kingdom to work, we must be doers of the Word and not hearers only.  We know the Bible says we deceive ourselves if we only hear and not do.  We know that from the example of the houses built on either the rock or the sand.  

One of the great examples of producing fruit in our lives comes from Psalms 1 and Jeremiah 17.  In both scriptures, we see fruit trees.  What do we know?  We know their roots go into the river, which represents a move of the Spirit of God and we know that river water keeps the tree fruitful even in a season of drought.  My suggestion to us is stay full of the Word of God and full of the Holy Ghost.

Now, put the sickle, your tongue, into action.  It is time to harvest.   Don’t ever get weary with the process.  A farmer goes through this every year and always replants the next season because the farmer knows it works.  I assure you that you will reap a harvest of God’s promises if you will plant the seed of God’s Word into your good soil and keep it watered.

Pastor Mark Garver