Walking In Agape Love

The greatest display of love ever is when Jesus laid down His life for ours (John 15:13).  Because of God’s love for us we now have the opportunity to really live.  We have been given the opportunity to have a relationship and become the child of the Most High God.  Jesus displayed this love in so many ways, but one of the greater displays came when Judas betrayed him.  It is very easy to love someone who is loving you, but it is most difficult to love someone who is betraying you.  Judas even betrayed Jesus with a kiss.  When Jesus needed His disciples the most as He was in the garden praying, they fell asleep.  Peter, one of the closest to Him, denied he even knew Him.  The guards who captured Him mocked Him and spit upon Him.  The same group who yelled Hosanna the day before are now yelling crucify Him.  Wow!  How much of this could you and I have dealt with and still shown love?  Yet for all of us He showed agape love.

While Jesus hung suspended between Heaven and Earth, on a cross made for the worst of mankind, Jesus ask the Father to forgive us because we didn’t know what we were doing.   That, my friends, is agape love.  That is the same love that is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost (Romans 5:5).  That is where we start realizing that His love is in us for us to walk in.  We also must know that the love of God is a fruit that grows.  You will need to cultivate this fruit in your life, but it will grow and produce in your life in the most difficult of times. 

Jesus showed us that this love is to be used to overcome especially when things are difficult.  Our flesh wants to respond to people who do us wrong.   The world even encourages us that we should respond at least in the same measure that it was dealt to us.  We are trained to respond. If we do not respond, we are seen as weak.  But Jesus didn’t respond in His flesh.  He responded with who He was.  God is love.  He doesn’t love.  He is love.  That is how we should respond in love.  Now, just for clarity, love also corrects.  Love is not just a mushy emotion, but this love, the agape love, is one of the most powerful things on planet Earth.  Let’s follow Jesus’ example and walk in this agape love.