Why I Gotta Do That? - Part 1

I did a series called, “Why I Gotta Do That?”  In Part Three of that series we looked at putting God first.  If you ask many born-again ones, they would say God is number one in my life.  Is He really?  Is it easy to tell what position God is in your life?  What does it look like in our lives when God is really number one?


John 3:30 says it like this, “He must increase; I must decrease.”  He must have the ascendancy in every part of my life.  Matthew 6:33 says it this way, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…”  Another way to look at it is what Jesus said in Matthew 10:37-39 that we should take up our cross and follow Him.  These are a few scriptures that show us how Jesus is number one in our lives.  He is increasing and we are decreasing, we are truly seeking first the Kingdom of God and not seeking our own, and we are daily taking up our cross and following him.  We all have busy lives; we all have things that come up every day that would try to squeeze God out of the number one slot.  Luke 9:52-62 is a list of excuses that people made of why God couldn’t be number one at that moment in their lives.  Jesus was telling one to leave the comfort of his bed and pillow, the other one Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead,” and the last one wanted to say goodbye and maybe was looking for a going away party.  It seemed harsh, but Jesus was warning us that the problems of this world come and even look legitimate and pressing, but if God is going to be number one you may have to lay some important things aside.  We are told in Colossians 3:1-3 to set our affections on things above.  God wants your heart, your attention, your time, and all that you are.

One obvious sign that God is not first in your life is found in Revelation 2:4-5.  Jesus was talking to the church at Ephesus and dealing with them about losing their first love.  That had everything going right (good doctrine, good church, good works, etc.), but the Lord still rebuked them for not putting Him first.  

Another sign is money.  Oh yes, it is true you can tell very clearly your priority in life by looking at your bank account and your spending habits.  The Bible clearly says in Matthew 6:21, “where your treasure is, your heart will be also.”  In other words, where your money goes so goes your heart.  

Another obvious way to tell how much you love God is by looking at how much you love people.  How can you love a God you cannot see if you can’t love people you do see?  Jesus said another way He could tell if you loved Him and put Him first is by doing what He says.  If we love Him, we will do what He says.  

When we put God first in every area of our life, we will get His best.  I encourage you to check what place God realistically has in your life.  If He isn’t number one, do whatever you have to so you can move Him into the top spot in your life.