The Storms of Life

Some people believe that if we perfectly obey God, we will never have any problems; and if you do have a problem in your life, it is a direct result of disobedience to God and His Word.  Is that true?  It is a valid question?   Many people are confused about this.  I remember when the Spirit of God began to teach me many years ago about what causes storms in our lives.  I want to share that with you because the truth is whatever the source of the storm is determines your reaction.  Not every storm or problem should get the same reaction from us.  The truth is we all experience storms in our lives and we must learn how to get rid of every storm that comes our way.


Why do storms come?  In my study I discovered three types of storms and I want to talk about each one of them.  The first type of storm comes in our lives because of disobedience.  Jonah is the example here.  Jonah disobeyed God and it cost him and the people who were on the ship with him.  The only cure, and I mean the only cure, is full repentance.  Not just feeling sorry for the storm or that you are caused other people grief, but really repenting before God.  To repent you must admit the wrong to God, ask for forgiveness, and then make a change.  When you do, deliverance is on the way.  


The second kind of storm we have in our lives is a storm someone else creates and we are caught in the middle of it.  A good example of that kind of storm is Paul on his way to Rome.  He told the soldier guarding him what he had perceived in his heart, but the soldier didn’t understand about being led by your spirit.  The soldier followed the recommendation of the captain because it made sense to his mind.  Paul literally had no choice.  Sometimes because of the people in our lives, their ignorance or disobedience brings storms to our lives; but there is always a way of escape.  God promises to deliver you out of all of your troubles.   With this storm you will need to closely follow the leadings of the Spirit of God to direct you out of the storm.  This can be the most frustrating storm, but they happen to all of us and they cannot be ignored.  

The last kind of storm is one that the devil causes.  In this storm you are in the middle of the will of God and the devil just begins to oppose you in a way that causes a terrible storm in your life.  A great example of this is when Jesus told the disciples to go to the other side.  To go to the other side was a command from the Lord so they were in the middle of the will of God and a supernatural storm arose to wipe them out.  The devil caused that storm.  What caused the storm to go?  Jesus spoke to it and said, “Peace be still.”  The cure for this type of storm is to use your authority over the enemy.

The storms of life come to all of us.  Now that you have learned why the storms come, what can you do to be prepared for any type of storm?   Prepare now for the storm!  Just like in the natural, if a hurricane is coming the wrong time to board up your windows of your house is while the wind is blowing and the rain is falling.  Matthew 7:24-27 teaches us to build our house on the rock by not only hearing the Word of God but doing it.  To be prepared, we need to be good at getting in God’s presence no matter what is going on.  Paul went to the belly of the ship and got alone with God.  The ship was tossing, the wind was blowing, the rain was falling, and everyone thought they were as good as dead, but Paul went away and heard from God.  

We also must learn to keep our eyes on Jesus.  Peter proved that while he was walking on the water during the storm.  When he took his eyes off Jesus and began to look at the wind and the waves, he began to sink.  Fear came when Peter started looking at the wrong thing.  We must prepare by training ourselves to look only at Jesus with a steadfast gaze like they did with the brass serpent in the wilderness.  Finally, learn to use your authority.  You must know when you say in the name of Jesus that things have to change.  When you do these things on a regular basis, you will always come out of every storm no matter how it started!