Response Leads to Victory

Sometimes what other people who are in our lives do, their decisions or choices that we have no control over, can seem to jeopardize our future, our happiness, our way of living, and even our destiny.  How we respond in those situations will determine our future.  We have to make a decision not to let anyone derail what God has for us.  We have to determine to make the best out of every circumstance and every situation.  All of us have been put in hard situations that do not look like what God promised.  It doesn’t look like the dream God gave us.  It is just like Joseph.  I am sure when he had the first dream he was so excited.  After all it was a God dream.  It wasn’t something he was looking for or asking for; God gave it to him.  However, Joseph didn’t know the steps he would go through for those dreams to come to pass.  God always promises you the victory.  He promises you will always overcome.  In order to get victory and overcome, you have had to go through a battle.  You and I would like to not go through the battles of life; but unfortunately, because we live on the Earth with all these people who make all kinds of crazy choices, we have battles.  And just to be fair, you and I have caused a few problems of our own.

Joseph was out for a walk, an assignment from his father to take something to the brothers and it started Joseph on a path he never expected; but God knew that this path would one day put Joseph in the very place that the dream would come to pass.  How Joseph responded to every situation in his life is documented for us by the Holy Spirit as an example of how to respond so your destiny can come to pass.  We are able to get behind the scenes of Joseph’s life and call in the Psalms.  We get this unusual look so we can understand what was happening to Joseph and what is happening to us as well.  Psalms 105:19 (NLT) “Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.”  Situations come and how we respond to things, especially when they are not our fault really tells us a lot about who we are and if we will fulfill our destiny.  

Joseph was sold into slavery on purpose.  His brothers said, “Behold!  The dreamer cometh.”  They were going to kill him but Rueben saved him.  He was then sold to Potipher.  There Joseph was graced and anointed by God and rose to second in command.  The Bible says, “God was with Joseph.”  The Lord blessed the Egyptians house for Joseph’s sake and everything Joseph put his hands to was blessed.  Potipher quit watching over his stuff because he trusted Joseph so much.  Then you know what happened?  Potipher’s wife found Joseph attractive and she tried to seduce him, but he wouldn’t yield. So, she was scorned and then she lied.  Joseph had another chance to respond in a situation that he had no control over.  He ended up in prison.  Looks like he is going backwards, and his dream is being derailed by that vicious woman, but somehow it seems Joseph maintains his good attitude and ends up second in command of a prison.  He responds correctly again.  I admire him!  While he was in prison, he ended up interpreting dreams.  Some might say to God, “Oh no!  No way!  Get those dreams out of here,” but not Joseph.  He interprets them and says to the guys, “Remember me.”  Of course, the one who lives doesn’t, not until it was time!  The day of fulfillment was at hand!  A suddenly!  God’s great positioning ability, to have you at the right place at the right time ready to do the right thing.  Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and suddenly Joseph was in position as second in command.  The same position he had always been in and now was ready to save his family.  The dream was fulfilled.  God will fulfill all your dreams too!  Just respond like Joseph responded and you will get to your destiny too!