Why I Gotta Do That - Part 2

We are looking at a series I did called, “Why I gotta do that?”  Sometimes it is not easy to do what God asks us to do.  We live in a society today that has the attitude of I will do it if it is easy.  But everything is not always easy, especially on our flesh.  So one of the hard things we have to do is receive discipline and correction from the Lord.

First of all, according to three scripture, God only corrects those He loves.  He shares that with us in Hebrews 12:5-11, Proverbs 3:11-12 and Revelation 3:19.  When you love your children, you correct them because you want the best for them, you want them to be safe.  We don’t correct our children because we are their boss and it gives us a thrill.  When you correct someone God’s way, you do it only because you love them.  As a Father and a Pastor I have had to correct many times.  I don’t like it.  I used to hate it until I got a true revelation of what it was.  It happened after I started to learn how to correct my daughter.  I wasn’t doing it just because she did something wrong or something that irritated me.  I was correcting her to help her, to keep her safe, to protect her.  That is God’s heart.  When I saw this, it became easier to help people.  If I love you, I will correct you with the Word and love of God when you need it.  Unfortunately some people will not let you correct them and what really is happening is the love of God is not reaching them.  God uses people to help us, to love us and yes even to correct us. 

How does God correct?  Let me start by saying how He does not correct.  He doesn’t correct with things that we have been redeemed from.  He doesn’t make you sick or poor or let an earthquake get you.  He doesn’t withhold His love and goodness from us.  He is not mean.  He chastens us according to Hebrews 12:5.   The word “chastening” comes from the word paideus and it means to train up a child, to educate, or by implication discipline (punishment).  In Psalms 94:12 it speaks of chastening and says He teaches us out of His law.  When He corrects us, He corrects us from His Word.  He educates us.  In John 15:2-3 it talks about being pruned; cutting away things in our lives that keep us from producing fruits of righteousness.  The cutting away of things takes discipline and God corrects us, tells us and shows us what parts of our lives displease Him.  Those parts that displease Him are keeping us from bearing fruit.  He wants and needs us to deal with them.  

When we receive the chastening of the Lord, it produces something.  It produces a fruit of righteousness.  When we conform to God’s will and purpose, when we conform to His Word in our thoughts and actions, it will produce right living.   It will produce the fruit of righteousness.  You are righteous, but to produce the fruit of righteousness in your life, you must get pruned and corrected along the way.  That correction will produce a peace in your life.  You will be more and more like the Lord and your walk will be sweeter and closer.  Tell the Lord you are ready to receive His love by letting Him correct you.  That scares me Pastor Mark!   He will not overwhelm you.  He loves you.  Open yourself up and get ready to produce the fruit of righteousness.