Use Your Authority

You have been given authority by the head of the church.  Jesus told us to go in His name.  It was one of the last things He said before He left the earth.  What are you doing with the authority He gave you?  Are you using it? Or are you letting that authority lie dormant and letting the devil run all over you?  

You have been given a Heavenly seat of authority.  Ephesians 2:6 says that you were raised up together with him to sit in Heavenly places.  Why were you given that seat in Him?  It was given so you too can rule and reign with Him.  Some people think ruling and reigning with Christ is only done in the afterlife; but the truth is we are to be ruling and reigning now.  Romans 5:17 says we are to reign in this life by one Jesus Christ.  The Amplified translation brings out that we should reign as kings in this life.  We are seated with the King in Heavenly places far above every principality and might and dominion and name.  We are to rule and reign from that Heavenly place in Him.  

From the very beginning, God gave man delegated power to rule and reign.  Mankind was given the right to have dominion over the earth by God, the Father.  Adam and Eve were to rule the earth as sons of God under the Father’s authority.  He told them in Genesis 1:26-28 to take dominion and to replenish the earth.  Adam and Eve were created in the likeness and image of God and were given the tools and the authority to subdue and have dominion over all the earth.  We can even see Angels having a discussion in Psalms 8 about mankind and “what are they?” and “God, why do you visit them, and why have you given them dominion over the works of your hand, and why are they in authority just under you?”  But you know what happened.   Adam and Eve yielded to the devil and turned over their authority to him.  But that is not the end of the story.  Another son came.  The last Adam: Jesus our Savior and Lord.  

One of the significant things Jesus came to do was destroy the works of the devil and get our authority back.  Because of Jesus’ work on the cross and His utter destruction of the devil, we are able to rule and reign again just like Adam and Eve using the name of Jesus.  One of the encounters Jesus had that gives us a look into authority and the revelation of that authority that came from a centurion (Matthew 8:5-13.  Remember what this man said to Jesus.  He said, “I am a man under authority.”  This centurion realized Jesus was under authority and that is why when Jesus spoke, things obeyed.  The centurion said, “I say to this one go, and he goes; and I say to another come, and he comes.”  The centurion knew that if Jesus would speak to the disease in his servant, it would obey and leave the man.  Jesus said that was great faith.  Do you have great faith?  If so, you will use your authority.  You will bind and loose.  You will command in the name of Jesus.  Mountains will move, storms will cease, sickness will go, and you will do the work of Jesus using His name and the authority that He delegated to you.