Be A Doer of the Word

We are learning how to possess the promised lands of our spiritual life.  God told Joshua the keys to possessing what the generation before him could not.  That means we have a part to play; it is not all up to God.  We have discussed two keys already; meditation on God’s Word and speaking God’s Word.  Now let’s look at doing God Word. 

In Joshua 1:8 it says, “…that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein:  for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”  We also see the children of Israel marching around the walls of Jericho following the instructions of the Lord, and not saying anything until the order came to shout unto God.  Can you imagine walking around those walls as an Israelite?  The imaginations that were coming against their mind, the wanting to say what they were thinking, “This is crazy!”  The doing part of this is just as important as the meditation and the saying part. 

We see in James 1:22 that we are to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.  We must do what the written Word says, and then anything that the Lord speaks to our heart.  We must do it!  We must obey!  In James 2:14, 17 & 26 we are told that faith without works is dead.  A better way to say it is faith without corresponding actions is dead.  The Word of God is not talking about doing good deeds as faith.  It was using this as an example that your words are not enough alone; you must back it up with action.  I always say this.  I grew up in a cold part of the United States; and if someone came to my door in winter time with a pair of shorts on and a t-shirt and I said to them, “ Be clothed and be warm,” and shut the door, that was of no help to them.  I need to have corresponding actions and give them clothes.  In the same way your faith needs you to do something.  Faith comes by hearting.  Faith is released by saying.  Faith is released by doing.  

When the four friends let down the man on a mat in front of Jesus while he was teaching, the Word of God says that Jesus saw their faith.  They were not just trying something; they believed if they tore off the roof and let that man down, Jesus would heal him.  They had confidence in their action.  The woman with the issue of blood pressed through the crowd to touch Jesus because she said, “if I can touch His clothes, I will be healed.”  She heard something, she said something and she did something.  That is faith.  That is what the Lord was teaching Joshua, and that is what He is teaching us. 

Be a doer of what He says.  It is just like Jesus’ first miracle.  Mary told the disciples, “Whatever He says, do it.”  We have to go after it the same way.  Whatever He says, do it.  When we do it, we will see it.  We will possess our promised land.