Stand Against the Enemy

There are two ditches usually on any subject.  The subject I am referring to today has to do with your adversary the devil.  Some people blame everything that goes wrong on the devil and that is not true. Sometimes we make bad decisions and that is what causes our problems.  On the other hand, there are some believers who don’t even recognize that the enemy is the one causing them problems and the problem with that is they end up blaming God for things that the devil has done or they are so natural, they don’t recognize anything going on in the realm of the spirit.

The truth is, spiritual attacks come to everyone.  I Peter 5:8-9 tells us that we should be sober and vigilant because we have an enemy, an adversary, who hunts like a lion and he is looking for someone to devour.  The King James says, “Whom he [the devil] may devour.”  That means it is up to us whether he is able to devour us or not.  But make no mistake, the devil attacks anyone and everyone he can.  In Ephesians 6:10-12 we are told to be strong in the Lord and to put on our fighting uniform so we can stand against the wiles of the devil.  To be caught without our uniform on in the spirit will cause us to be defeated by our adversary.  The Word of God also warns of the devil’s weapons that are formed against us in Isaiah 54:17.  So, we know the devil is coming.  He hunts like a lion; so, we have to know to get our battle clothes on, and that he is forming weapons.  This could overwhelm us unless we realize that we are able to stand against and win in any conflict we have with the devil or any circumstance he would use to try and defeat us.

We have been given weapons that win.  The first thing you must do is have a revelation of the name of Jesus.  Use that name against anything that comes.  It is a name that everything has to bow to.  James 4:7 tells us to submit to God and to resist the devil.  You can resist the devil.  We are told in I Peter to resist the devil steadfastly in the faith.  Just like the Lord told the Apostle Paul, “My grace is sufficient,” God’s standing grace is also sufficient for you.  You have the power of God to resist anything the devil is doing.  It is not grace that we take it; it is by grace that we resist what the devil is doing.  Thank God the Lord didn’t say take it and it will all be over soon.  He gave us weapons.  Use your shield of faith to quench all the fiery darts the devil sends towards your mind.  Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and chase the devil and his circumstances out of your life!

You and I have to make up our mind that when the devil comes, we will stand and take up our weapons and we will win.  God always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus.  We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.  I will be like the Apostle Paul and boldly declare, “None of these things move me” (Acts 20:24).  You are more than a conqueror and you have the victory.  The devil is a defeated foe and you will always win with the Word of God in your heart and your mouth.